Learn the Omni Gallery Story

Discover a custom frame shop in Whitesburg, KY

Do you have a photograph or piece of artwork that you want to preserve?

Are you a businessperson looking to make an award or document look truly professional?

Do you simply love having creative, handcrafted decorations in your home?

Whatever your need for custom framing in Whitesburg, Kentucky, you’ve come to the right place! For over 30 years, Sarah Blair of Omni Gallery Framing, LLC has wowed customers across the spectrum with:

Custom framing
Window Words
3D shadow boxes
Square, oval and rectangular framing
Original art framing
Print duplicates
Frame badges

A history of great quality

It all began in 1983, when Sarah Blair made a shadow box for her grandson as a birthday present. When he opened his gift at the party, it was a huge hit with the children and parents alike! Sarah soon began taking orders for the custom shadow boxes and other framing work.

Today, with Omni Gallery Framing, Sarah has expanded her business to include work for everyone from business professionals to the Kentucky State Police Department. From custom (and funny) collages to highly professional framing work, Sarah lives to impress her customers.

Let Sarah wow you, too! Stop by Omni Gallery Framing in Whitesburg, Kentucky today!